About Us

Little Druids was established in March 2019, our vision is to grow as a community family, sharing experiences and providing outstanding opportunities for early years.

It is important to us to work in partnership with parents, offer opportunities to learn about oneself, develop healthy relationships and model positive social behaviours.

We understand and demonstrate empathy for social and emotional development, build on resilience and support your child to transition with confidence onto the next stages in their life.

Feedback from parents

The Little Druids Team

Starting his career in 2001, Anthony progressed into the management of a range of “outstanding” settings in the South of England.

Anthony continues to use his wealth of professional knowledge and understanding of the early years to provide high quality care and outstanding learning opportunities to support the children, families and staff he works with.

As one of the Directors of Solstice play, Claire’s love and enthusiasm to provide a service for the children in our community has driven the ability to open and support the nursery too.

In 2021 Claire completed her Level 3 qualification as an ‘Early Year’s Educator’ and is an active practitioner, supporting the children with their developmental needs and daily routines.

Claire also supports the recruitment, induction and supervision of all our staff and their HR requirements.

As one of the Directors of Solstice play, Sarah’s love and enthusiasm to provide a service for the children in our community has driven the ability to open and support the nursery too.

She has a very active role in the nursery and enjoys seeing the children enjoying their daily activities. Sarah provides a constant flow of communication to parents and families and takes care of the admin for the nursery.

Sarah also has a passion for the health and nutrition of the children and considers this when providing their food and meals.

Veebs and her family moved to England from Germany in January 2014.

Veebs enrolled and successfully completed the NVQ Level 3 Diploma in childcare and joined the Little Druids team in December 2019.

Veebs is extremely passionate about ensuring that individual needs and interests of the children are met, helping children to develop their social skills in a safe and caring environment which promotes learning through play and fun.

Georgia has become Little Druids first Apprentice to successfully complete her training and studies, gaining the NVQ Level 3 qualification to become an Early Years Practitioner.

Demonstrating skills that “cannot be taught” Georgia stepped into a senior role to become the room leader in the Pre School Butterfly room.

Having found her passion for working with children, Georgia will lead the way and continue to bring her energy and natural ability to bond and support the children in their early year’s journey.

Laura has 13 years of experience having started her career in 2006 and completing her qualifications in 2008.

As a mum of three children, Molly, Freddie and Barnaby, Laura has the exact hands on skills and knowledge to support your children with the nurture and care in their early learning and development.

Jess has been a part of the Little Druids team since we opened in March 2019, assisting with the catering and volunteering to help out when her role in Solstice Play was suspended during the Lockdown.

During this time, it was clear to see that Jess is a natural with the children and so we were delighted to make her position more permanent by moving her across into the Nursery to start her new career path where she has embarked on working towards her childcare qualification. 

We are delighted to support Caitlyn-Mae in her first full time employment.

Caitlyn-Mae demonstrates a passion for childcare and has demonstrated this by dedicating her first full time role as an apprentice working towards her NVQ qualification.