Healthy Menu, Healthy Choices

We believe in the importance of a healthy and balanced diet to fuel growth and development. Our menus provide children with a wide range of tasty meals. We ensure each dish has the correct nutritional value but most of all, that it tastes great and encourages children to try new things. We don’t add sugar or salt, everything is homemade and produced on site from fresh ingredients, this means we know exactly what goes into each meal.

Some children have varied tastes and tolerances, so we cater for all dietary requirements and have a robust system in place to ensure each child safely receives the right food.

Encouraging positive food feelings

To effectively deliver a healthy eating policy it’s important that all staff send out positive messages about food.

We ensure that our staff recognise that they have an important role to play in increasing a child’s familiarity with fruits and vegetables – not only at mealtimes, but all day long.

Our aim is to make these a familiar part of everyday life and not just a dreaded moment at the lunch table.

Below is an example of our current menu’s these do sometime vary according to supply.

Week 1 and 2
Week 3 and 4
Week 5 and 6
Week 7 and 8
Week 9 and 10

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