Our Ethos

“It is through others that we develop into ourselves.” (Vygotsky)

At Little Druids, children are our main measure of success & we endeavour to spark imagination and ignite the passion to learn through playful experiences. We believe “Everything that you imagine, you can do and whatever you dream, will come true.”

We work at an unhurried pace and offer a relaxed rhythm throughout the day for your child to interact in their own time at their own pace. The environment is exciting, safe, and stimulating whilst offering opportunities of play that in hand develop the children and support them as little learners to have big ideas.

It is important to us that your child will form a trusting relationship with their key person, as well as all other staff members for their own well-being such as emotional, social, and personal needs.

Your child’s settling in period will be carefully planned and scheduled at a pace that supports them to achieve a sense of belonging and readiness to learn. We know that leaving your child is a difficult thing to do and we will work closely with you to support this transition for your family.

Early years provision is the perfect start for your child’s educational journey. Within our consistent, minimum and age-appropriate rules & boundaries, we give children the freedom to play and learn in a way that suits them and builds on the things that interest them. Our passionate staff will observe your child at play, assess and respond appropriately in order to provide learning opportunities. We will plan and teach in a matter of moments, “planning in the moment”. We are curious about what your child likes and how your child learns. We use this information to encourage & support them in all they do and give them the opportunity to recognise their own originality & potential.

Observations will be shared with you using our online system “Famly”. From here you will receive photos, updates on your child’s activities and any communications between us.

We help your child to understand and express their feelings by accepting and acknowledging them and following positive behaviour strategies.

Our vision is to grow as a community family, sharing experiences and providing outstanding opportunities for early years. It is important to us to work in partnership with parents, offer opportunities to learn about oneself, develop healthy relationships and model positive social behaviours. We understand and demonstrate empathy for social and emotional development, build on resilience and support your child to transition with confidence onto the next stages in their life.

Daily routines include visits to the local community, walks in the environment, exploration of the soft play and many learning opportunities along the way.

We are looking forward to welcoming you and helping your child to learn, grow and play.